How Does VESA XXL Bio Fuel Enhancer Work ?

VESA XXL enables the creation of femto-molecules & reformation of hydrocarbon chain

Our revolutionary refining and activation process enables the creation of very tiny molecules i.e femto-molecules (one million time smaller than nano) that can crack and reform hydrocarbon molecules in fossil fuels into high quality and powerful fuel molecules which contain vast amount of energy and oxygen.



VESA XXL Improves Combustion Efficiency

Regular atomization produces fuel with large and small size of molecules which results in inconsistent and incomplete combustion in the combustion chamber. Incomplete combustion and the aging & thermal stressing processes on the surface of the combustion chamber in a hot, oxidizing environment will eventually lead to the formation of particulates like "combustion chamber deposits" (CCD) i.e. combustion residues (carbonaceous or inorganic in nature).

In other words, incomplete combustion will add up more carbon deposits to layers of deposit that have been formed on the wall of combustion chamber. CCD influence the combustion process in engines in an unfavourable way and pose a significant problem in gasoline and diesel engines. The major problems caused are the CCD-generated "hot spots" that may lead to engine knock and higher emissions of unburned hydrocarbons and NOx. Apart from the harmful emissions, other negative effects include the contamination of engine oil, reduced engine life span, high consumption of fuel and the deterioration of the performance of the engine in long term.

Hence, VESA XXL plays an important role in reducing and hindering the formation of CCD in combustion engines. When VESA XXL is mixed with normal fuel, it will produce smaller size of femto Hydrocarbon Molecules resulting in better air-fuel ratio (O2-CxHy), and thus, this will provide better combustion efficiency in the combustion chamber besides of removing the CCD.


The advantages of VESA XXL application with better combustion efficiency are the following:

1) produce less harmful emmissions as well as reduce exhaust emissions
2) reduce engine temperature and noise
3) increase engine power and performance
4) enhance engine life span
5) reduce fuel consumption.



VESA XXL Serves as a Natural Lubricant



The process of combustion in combustion chamber is a complex sequence of exothermic chemical reactions between fuel and oxygen accompanied by the production of heat. The friction between piston and chamber is also a source of heat especially with the presence of carbon deposits.


There is no industrial lubricant (chemical) added in VESA XXL, however, with it's natural fatty acid, VESA XXL ables to improve fuel lubrication and reduces the friction between chamber and piston. Thus, it reduces the temperature of engine and prolongs the life span of engine.



VESA XXL Serves as a Natural Detergent


VESA XXL has the natural cleaning ability although it has no added chemical detergent (like solvent). With its natural cleaning property, it helps to clean engine parts, fuel delivery system and combustion system without causing any damage to engine. Hence, it keeps the engine clean, prolongs the engine life span and reduces maintenance costs.


Unlike other chemical-based additive, VESA XXL would not cause any damage to engine whereas other chemical-based additive would lead to severe nozzle blockage & etc that will cause harmful engine damage, and it is just a matter of time that those chemical-based additives pose a real threat to the engine.

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